Crows and Pears

The crows have noticed the pears are ripe, and are vociferously occupying the upper branches of our pear tree (and the neighbours’), and pecking the fruit. Last year I saw one detach a large pair (ooo er missus), and, holding it by the stalk, fly off with it in its beak. Reminded me of the Monty Python sketch about the swallow and the coconut.


One Response to “Crows and Pears”

  1. And one has just done it again! They must be pretty strong. I had a couple of crow chicks twenty years ago and they spent their time demolishing the wardrobe I’d given them as a night-time hutch and stashing the bits under the edge of their pen, like prisoners trying to stash their escape tunnel soil. One choked on a lamb kidney that it was trying to down in one go, and someone stole the other one.

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