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Thanks for that!

Posted in Uncategorized on October 10, 2010 by victoriaisherwood

You see, there I was lumbering under the impression that the aristocracy lived off the labour of the working-class. Now, thanks to ITV’s glossy new Sunday night TV series ‘Downton Abbey’, I’ve been enlightened! The aristocracy exist to give the working-classes something to do! Yes, without them, those poor proles would be out of work. See the frightening scene in which a visiting new generation of toff (with a ‘middle class’ job) sends shivers through the household by putting on his own clothes! Good lord, if aristocrats start putting on their own clothes, emptying their own chamber-pots, etc. that poor man will be out of a job! Yes, three cheers for the aristocrats, kindly employers of lame war veterans and country girls! If it wasn’t for them and their enormous mansions, the working classes would be destitute, and have to have a revolution, or something.